Our Wish List

2015 Most Wanted Items:

  • Wooden Blinds for Nature Center Windows
  • New Tile Floors in Nature Center (hallways, kitchen etc.)
  • Flag Pole
  • Indoor and Outdoor Water Fountain installation
  • Automatic Hand dryers in 4 restrooms (to end use of paper hand towels)
  • Two Energy Efficient Refrigerators for Animal Food
  • Deck addition to west side of Nature Center, overlooking Wood Duck Reflection Pool & Old Ice Pond. 20’ X 45’. Estimated lumber $13,000.
  • 40’ X 60’ Workshop/Storage Building (Morton Building). This will allow us to turn the small shingled building currently used as workshop into a teaching space/alternative classroom.
  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Office Redesign
  • Fairy Dell Boardwalk Renovations
  • Glue Sticks
  • Bird Seed

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QWR has created a WISH LIST on www.Amazon.com that you can check out and purchase items from.  Click to find out what items we are wishing for!  An easy way to shop and give.  Thank you for supporting QWR!

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